"Our Final Release 'Cause Paul's Dead" - Available Now

Hello everybody! Well here’s some big news. Our latest EP is out! Go to iTunes and check out “Our Final Release ‘Cause Paul’s Dead”. 

Here’s the link: click here

But whats with the name of the EP? No, Paul isn’t actually dead… but had to move to the other side of the country for a new job, so we decided to call it quits as a band.

The Pettit Project was formed more than 16 years ago, and as members came and went, changed its name to Love You To Death. We’ve released about 200 songs, and have had around 15 albums or EPs. We had an amazing run, and want to thank all of you who have supported us for some or all of the journey.

We have some old Merch left (t-shirts, CDs and Vinyl) that are all on sale 50-70% off - Click here to get yours while we still have them.

Although this is supposed to be our final LYTD release, the founding members of The Pettit Project have re-recorded many of our first songs from back in the day, and will be releasing them soon as a fun throwback…. so you reeeaaaalllly old-school fans have that to look forward to.

Also Sam and Scotty have a side-project started that you may be into. Its a little more punk-inspired than LYTD (although similar in many ways) and hopefully tickles your fancy anyway. Look for that project in the near future, named “Terror Ruins Birthdays”.

Anyway, thanks again so much for the many years of support, and don’t be strangers. Be sure to grab that new and final EP and look for the side projects moving forward.

Seriously, thank-you very much.

Love Scotty and LYTD
Apple Music - Connect

Hey! If you have Apple Music, you can now follow us on Connect. If you Tap on 'Connect', look for us and hit 'Follow'. Take a screen shot showing that you're following LYTD and send it back to us for a free un-released song! E-mail to

New EP is on iTunes!

Our new EP "I Love Kissing You" is now up on iTunes. These songs have already been available via our website, but in case you haven't heard them yet - $4.95 will get you some pretty sweet jams. 

Let us know what you think!

New Video for "Kiss From a Rose"

Remember this awesome Seal song? We kinda thought the original was amazing in its own ridiculous way and covered it all loud poppy. Why are we in wolf costumes? Thats the stupidest question we've ever heard.

New Singles for 2015

There are four new Love You To Death songs available today! We hope you're into them. 

Click here to go to our Store and have a listen

"Kiss From a Rose" By Seal - Covered by LYTD
We decided to record and deliver a cover of a song that has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of ours. It's a somewhat ridiculous song that we've always secretly liked and could never quite get out of our heads.
Enjoy our version of "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal. Have a wonderful holiday and New Year, and thanks, as always, to our fans for supporting us.

Click Here to Listen to "Kiss From a Rose" on Sound Cloud
Holiday Special

Spread some cheer in the form of LYTD CDs! Now through Dec 31st - all CDs are on sale for $5. Order quickly so we can try to ship it to you before Christmas Day!

Click here to go to the store now

New Singles Summer 2014!

There's 6 new songs up in our LYTD Store for your listening and purchasing pleasure! These are singles we've been working on over the past several months. Let us know what you think! 

New Video for "I Love Kissing You"

Hey fans - check out our video below for the new song "I Love Kissing You". It's nuts! We're nuts! And we'd love it if you'd support our insanity by sharing this video. Please post it on your Facebook or Twitter!

New LYTD video for "Throwdown!"

Check out this new video for our song "Throwdown!" It's intimate..and there's a spit-take!

"Awesome Songs For Awesome Fans" Now Available for Online Purchase

Last year we ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our latest album. For the fans who heavily backed our campaign, we wrote a custom song. Now they're available for everyone to purchase!  Click on 'Store' above to sample and/or download the album.

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Love You To Death Show in Hamilton!

Where: Club Absinthe, Hamilton
When: Sunday November 24th 8pm
With: Zerbin, I65 (x-Stereos) and 1 TBA

It's going to be a great show!
Ringtones Available For Free Download

New Love You To Death ringtones! Included are some of our most recent singles "Finishing Moves" and "Jack and Jager".

Click here for free download for FREE

New LYTD Video of our most recent single "Finishing Moves" featuring Deshaun Clarke.

The New Album is Here!

It's finally happened! You can now get your copy of our latest album "If You Want to Make God LOL, Text Him Your Plans".


or if you'd like a physical copy, visit our Store to order!
"Finishing Moves" Live!

On our recent single "Finishing Moves", we featured the talented skills of Deshaun Clarke. This rising-star rap kid liked working with us so much, that he invited Scotty to perform the song with him as he tours highschools to play shows in June.

If you happen to be a teenager in Ontario, you may be lucky enough to see "Finishing Moves" performed lived. Otherwise, at least you can take another listen here:

New Single "Finishing Moves" (Radio Edit) + Bonus Song on iTunes!

Check out the Radio Edit of "Finishing Moves" featuring Deshaun Clarke up on iTunes!

We've also included a bonus song that's previously been unreleased, "Girl of Your Dreams". Enjoy!

New LYTD video! Click play below to watch.


Lots of sizes available - including new girl shirts! You'll look as awesome as we do.


Here are the last four NEW songs from our upcoming album "If You Want to See God LOL, Text Him Your Plans". Enjoy these!

New LYTD Single!

Check out our new single, "Finishing Moves" featuring Deshaun Clarke.
It's going to Canadian radio next week!

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